Blogging Versus Facebook

Most people I know do not know what a blog is but they do use Facebook or My Space.  I’m probably showing my age with that one.  I have just started to dabble with this blog, a brand new experience.  I do have great ideas once I learn what I am doing.  I also only recently joined Facebook mainly to connect with extended family that live all over the country.  Here are the differences that I have experienced: 

  • Blogging is more formal because it is very personal.  Facebook is more casual.
  • I can spend hours blogging – both reading blogs and learning how to further develop my own.  Generally, I only spend a few minutes on Facebook.
  • Blogging allows you to develop meaningful friendships.  Facebook is used primarily just to keep in touch.
  • Blogging is used to teach, grow, and inspire, whereas Facebook is used to share quick updates.
  • Blogging is for chatters – people who really love to talk.  Okay, I for one really love to talk.  Facebook is for quick messages but not necessarily as quick as Twitter.  Maybe that’s why I’m not very good at Facebook. 
  • I blog in my head when I sleep at night.  I am totally fascinated by this.  I don’t ever think about Facebook but to just check for any “updates”. 
  • I will say though that I have 2 new terrific friends that I met on their blogs but we send personal messages using Facebook.  And my brother loves to play the Facebook games that adhere to his highly competitive spirit.
  • Blogging does take a considerable amount of time so if you don’t have much to give, you may want to stick with Facebook.  But if you can take the time, I think it is worth it.  Since I have just started, we will see how far I get. 
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