Happy Birthday Sami!


Today is my baby’s first birthday!  Sami has brought so much joy to our lives.  Seriously, we sometimes refer to her as our therapeutic dog because she loves everyone and can lift their spirits with the wag of her tail.  Things I have learned this past year from Sami and other wonderful memories: 

I do believe she is prepping me for the time we have a human baby.  She wants my attention always and is often very needy. 

She is excited to see you as soon as you come home.  Why can’t I greet everyone with that much enthusiasm? 

She loves us unconditionally – even when we gripe and complain about whose turn it is to let her outside.  Actually, I have learned that I most often do not mind the “inconveniences” of taking care of her since I love her so much.  I just do them for her knowing I am meeting her needs and that I love her so.  Again, I wish to be just as intentional of caring for my family with a loving attitude. 

Sami loves to tear up paper.  The habit started when she was a puppy.  I used to joke that the only way I could read the mail was to give her the envelopes that she would tear to a zillion pieces.  This holds true to this day.  If she even hears me opening a piece of mail, she comes running and wants the envelope.  She is the only one who gets away with making a mess in the house – and I happily clean up after her.  Shouldn’t I be just as happy cleaning up after everyone else? 

As Sami is a little dog weighing only five pounds, she is sometimes intimidated and fearful of being alone.  I have prayed often over her that God gives her a bold and courageous spirit.  

Yes Sami, you have taught me well to better love people, to be more patient and caring, and to appreciate life while living in the moment.  You have been God’s gift to our family.  Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

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