8th Grade Promotion – May 26, 2009

Emma is promoted from 8th grade and is now officially a Freshman in high school!   Time goes by so fast!  We are very proud of you Emma!  Reminiscing our middle school years… 

  • Braces…only a few more months to go! 

    Jorie Smith and Emma

    Jorie Smith and Emma

  • Dance, Dance Revolution                 
    Emma and Katie Olson

    Emma and Katie Olson


  • Cell phones and text messaging…”hey what’s up?  Nothin. U?  Nothin.”  cell phone
  •  I-pod… and I-tunes!  Music has become such an important part of your life.  As you say, silence is too loud.
  • Heely’s  Skate Shoes – you wore them everywhere. 
  • Camp Paradise… making special memories with Dad!149-4911_IMG
  • The era of “quotes”… endless quotes!
  • Cheerleading during football and basketball games – fun times with friends.

Cheerleading 2008 019 Cheerleading 2008 037

  • Basketball (and getting mono, which ended your basketball career for the season).
  • Field Trips:  Cave of the Mounds, Medieval Times, Snowboarding/skiing at Chestnut, Great America.
  • Girlfriends and drama!  And more drama!  And more drama!

    Emma and Katie Olson

    Emma and Katie OlsonKatie, Emma, Kelly and Jorie

  • Boyfriends and drama.
  • Band sheets – we can finally get them signed on time – and it took nearly 3 years!  On another note (no pun intended), we really did enjoy listening to your flutist skills significantly improve each year!.
  • School dances and rec nights.
  • Father / Daughter dances… your father will miss these most when that boy asks you to your first high school dance!
  • That pose!  

Mary Grahf and Emma
Mary Grahf and Emma


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