Better than Hallmark?

Okay ladies.  Several people have told me how nice it is to read my posts on My Husband ROCKS Friday.  I just have to share with you that although I have only been doing this for a couple of months now, my husband has started to look forward to those Fridays and anticipating what I might say next.

As I was kissing him goodbye yesterday morning at 5:30 am on his way to work, he announced… “Do you know what today is?  It is My Husband Rocks Friday!”  Is that too cute or what?  He loves to be praised, respected, admired and appreciated. 

Don’t we all desire that?  With just a little thought and time, you can make someone’s day by letting them know how much they mean to you – and not just someone – the most important person in your life (if you are married) – your husband.  I would say that is time well spent.  And it doesn’t cost any money. 

Way better than a Hallmark card!

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My Husband ROCKS…

My husband ROCKS because…

Wow, what can I say?  Words don’t even describe how appreciative I have been to my husband this past week.  First of all, nearly a year ago already, he supported “our” decision for me to quit working at a well-paying job I had for over 15 years.  He knew how much I wanted to be a stay-at-home wife and mother so under his leadership, I quit my job and our lives, in great faith, immediately changed in every direction – on how we spend our time (mostly mine) as well as new financial decisions and planning. 

So just recently, I have ventured out to pursue how I might be able to supplement our income and stay at home at the same time.  I have started doing transcription and am pretty much learning as I go.  My husband ROCKS because he has been incredibly patient with me, as I have spent a huge amount of time on the computer, either transcribing audio files or researching and learning how to better do this job and become efficient.  Did I say efficient?  Oh my goodness.  I have spent HOURS doing a single job just because I want it to be “perfect” – therefore, I am spending a great deal of time researching and learning as I take accuracy very seriously.  I can’t wait for efficient!

On my very first assignment that I had earlier this week, I was literally in tears with frustrations of not being able to understand the words I was hearing/transcribing.  My poor, dear husband took much of his own time to try to help me solve these problems by listening over and over to the recordings with me until “we” finally got it right.  I did much better at my second job and only needed to invade his time “a little bit”.  Well, not counting the fact that I had to ask him to make us dinner because I was “too busy” working.  Did I mention yet that he also is a wonderful cook?  My husband ROCKS because he really is my hero!

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It’s My Husband Rocks Friday!

My husband ROCKS because he understands his God-given authority and role in being a man and a husband.  He treats me like his queen and loves me with God’s love in him throughout all of my imperfections.  He covers me with prayer and with protection of all harmful things, especially those things that are spiritually harmful.  He loves me through the times that I am so unlovable.  I am thankful that he leads our family with fearlessness of whatever the future may bring. 

Honey, one of my greatest desires is to follow God’s calling of being a holy and submissive wife with a gentle and quiet spirit  – respecting you and your needs every day.  I know I am not always good at this, but please know that I am working on it.  I love you!

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My Husband Rocks!!!

It’s My Husband Rocks Friday!  He ROCKS because he…

  • keeps me calm when I am anxious
  • always values, provides for and protects our family
  • knows his Master as God, and me as his Queen
  • is a lovingly devoted and caring Father to Emma and Sami
  • always tells me the truth, even if it’s ugly or hard
  • never tires of my endless gab and questions
  • knows the importance of rest and being still
  • is budget-conscious and fiscally responsible
  • takes great pride and care of our home and yard maintenance
  • inspires me to be a better person

I love you Husband!  You rock my world!

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