Better than Hallmark?

Okay ladies.  Several people have told me how nice it is to read my posts on My Husband ROCKS Friday.  I just have to share with you that although I have only been doing this for a couple of months now, my husband has started to look forward to those Fridays and anticipating what I might say next.

As I was kissing him goodbye yesterday morning at 5:30 am on his way to work, he announced… “Do you know what today is?  It is My Husband Rocks Friday!”  Is that too cute or what?  He loves to be praised, respected, admired and appreciated. 

Don’t we all desire that?  With just a little thought and time, you can make someone’s day by letting them know how much they mean to you – and not just someone – the most important person in your life (if you are married) – your husband.  I would say that is time well spent.  And it doesn’t cost any money. 

Way better than a Hallmark card!

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Blogging Versus Facebook

Most people I know do not know what a blog is but they do use Facebook or My Space.  I’m probably showing my age with that one.  I have just started to dabble with this blog, a brand new experience.  I do have great ideas once I learn what I am doing.  I also only recently joined Facebook mainly to connect with extended family that live all over the country.  Here are the differences that I have experienced: 

  • Blogging is more formal because it is very personal.  Facebook is more casual.
  • I can spend hours blogging – both reading blogs and learning how to further develop my own.  Generally, I only spend a few minutes on Facebook.
  • Blogging allows you to develop meaningful friendships.  Facebook is used primarily just to keep in touch.
  • Blogging is used to teach, grow, and inspire, whereas Facebook is used to share quick updates.
  • Blogging is for chatters – people who really love to talk.  Okay, I for one really love to talk.  Facebook is for quick messages but not necessarily as quick as Twitter.  Maybe that’s why I’m not very good at Facebook. 
  • I blog in my head when I sleep at night.  I am totally fascinated by this.  I don’t ever think about Facebook but to just check for any “updates”. 
  • I will say though that I have 2 new terrific friends that I met on their blogs but we send personal messages using Facebook.  And my brother loves to play the Facebook games that adhere to his highly competitive spirit.
  • Blogging does take a considerable amount of time so if you don’t have much to give, you may want to stick with Facebook.  But if you can take the time, I think it is worth it.  Since I have just started, we will see how far I get. 
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Today’s Thought

Anything that causes us to need God is a blessing!

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Today’s Thought

I am ready for the world today.  God is for me and right by my side.  Bring it on.  No matter what happens, God gets all the glory. 

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